Living in Luxembourg

"In order to involve citizens in the discussion and decision making processes concerning the development of the city, the council of aldermen and the mayor cordially invites you to participate in an information session, during which the progress made in the implementation of the coalition agreements between the Democratic Party and the Green Party during 2007 will be presented."

For the first time (that I know), English and French translations will be provided. Is this city getting nicer or what?


GG said...


Not translated to Portugese yet? :p

Oh well, nowt to do with me, I'm just across the border... :(

Tyrannosaurus Z. said...

You're right. According to Statec, 73 000 of the foreign residents in Luxembourg are Portuguese. I don't know how many of these live in the city, but it would be interesting to also provide a Portuguese translation, and an Italian one, by the way. These two groups are the most likely to stay in the city for more then 5 years, and to be allowed to vote for the city council.