Our neighbors

I don't know how is this gonna end, but by now we can still laugh.

Hot in the city

«Since the month of July 2007, the City of Luxembourg has been offering Internet access to people on the move in the Upper City, with a laptop, a mobile phone or a PDA. From 1 December 2007 onwards, this offer will be available to people in the station district. The technical roll-out started at Place de la Gare and will be extended over the entire station district by the end of the 1st quarter 2008 at the latest. The network is expected to reach the entire City area in 2008.»


New Mazda 2

The new Mazda 2 is out there. It's fresh, it's stylish, and it has a lot of zoom-zoom. Forget its superdull boxy predecessor. With prices starting at 11 450 euros here in Luxembourg (Challenge 1300 cc, 75 bhp), you can expect to see a lot of them leaping around (maybe not in that nice froggy green...). I would recommend the 103 bhp 1.5 cc Sport (14 776 euros), but I guess most of the zoom-zoomers will prefer one of the diesels (1400 cc, 68 bhp, from 12 685 to 15 537 euros).