Village people

Several robbers impersonating policemen have been active in Luxembourg in the last days. They wear dark clothes, baseball caps, and speak French. On the pretext of checking something inside the house (a water meter, for example), they gain access to the victim's houses and steal whatever they can.
The police has warned the population about this scam, and reminded that luxembourgish police officers speak luxembourgish. In case of doubt, call the nearest police station, and don't let anyone into your house. If you don't speak luxembourgish (more then 40 % of the residents are foreigners, according to STATEC) always call the nearest police station.
This language issue can put a touch of manichaeism into the whole situation: speaking luxembourgish is good; any other foreign language is bad.

(PS: Luxembourgish biker cops are easier to identify: think Village People!)

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