If we can't buy it, let's copy it!

We all know Wikipedia. We all know Google. And we all know the probability of getting a Wikipedia page on top of a simple search in Google is very high. Well, that means money, a lot of money from advertisement, so Google (which is not a non-profit, free, community web service, like Wikipedia, altought there is same discussion about keeping this "clean" status: http://gondwanaland.com/mlog/2007/01/02/wikipedia-advertising/) decided to try to collect some of those potential dollars that are wasted every time someone clicks an ad-free Wikipedia link. Knol is born (beta and invitation-only, by now).
From Wikipedia, about Knol: "Some describe knol as a rival to encyclopedia sites such as Wikipedia, Scholarpedia, About.com and Helium.com. Others state that its differences complement Wikipedia; Wikipedia articles are written collectively and should adhere to the "neutral point of view" policy, while Knols highlight personal expertise by emphasizing authorship and can contain the personal opinions of the author."

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