Referendum in Ireland: "NO" to the Treaty of Lisbon

That's why democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried.

The Irish voted "No" against the end of restrictions on abortion, and to keep the country’s traditional neutrality and the low tax rates responsible for the rise of the Celtic Tiger. Not against the Treaty. Now what?

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ayalgueru said...

I am really not fond of referenda ... they are not the most democratic of thing ,,, many totalitarian regimes from Franco's SPain to Hitler's germany did celebrate referendum to legitimise their rule ,,,

I am pretty convinced that plenty of people both that voted yes and voted no did not have a clear idea of what they were voting for ( the treaty is pretty much unreadable ) also I would not be surprised if many of them just did it to give their goverment a bloody nose or other treaty unrelated issues ,,,

The thing is none of the issues you mentioned , neutrality or lower taxation were object of the lisbon treated so they would remain unaffected by the new treaty ...

Having said that I do agree with you ( if I understood you ) that the treaty is a dog and the irish got it right by saying no ,,,but I think is more a fluke than anything ,,,